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    How to Reduce Stress: Balance your Hormones

    These past few years have been.. well quite tumultuous to say the least. Stress, anxiety, and depression have all been on the rise. Now many of these stressors are seemingly out of our control(rising rent costs, COVID restrictions, politics, etc), but there are a number of things that are in your control beginning with your body and your hormones. As a holistic practitioner, I value learning about the mind-body connection. It’s so important to feed both our mind and body the right things because the things we consume have a direct impact on our mental health. Your hormones are chemical messengers in the body sending out directions to your cells in different parts of the body. They impact the function of our immune system and cellular processes that control appetite, stress, blood sugar, sleep cycles, and sex drive to name a few (1). So now that you know how important hormones are to your health. Here are a few holistic ways you can help support hormone regulation leading to a happier immune system and overall functioning.

    • Eating more fat. Essential naturally found fats are amazing for our body. Not all fats are the same so stay with me. Healthy fats are the building blocks for hormone production, keep inflammation levels low, and boost your metabolism. Amazing right? Some options for healthy fats include: -coconut oil -avocados -wild caught salmon -olives
    • Drinking your morning coffee AFTER you eat.
    • Addressing emotional imbalances. Emotions have a direct impact on your health. A very effective way you can balance your hormones naturally is by addressing any emotional balances that you are dealing with. Some ways to do this are: engaging in therapy(one of my favorites), practicing meditation, spending time outdoors, massage, and light to moderate exercise, including walks.
    • Use essential oils
    • Light exercise like yoga, walking, and other forms of cardio. Often intense exercise routines can make hormones worse in the short term by increasing cortisol levels (increasing your stress hormone). Light exercise options will help your body release chemicals that improve your mood.


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    Written by Laura Burton