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    Alpine Lakes Holistic Counseling & Wellness Center

    Vision, Mission, and Values


    We improve the wellbeing of the communities we serve by increasing access to effective holistic trauma-focused outpatient counseling. Using a mind-body approach we combine proven holistic services + evidenced based trauma-focused interventions to improve the mental health of the individuals in our care.


    Our mission is to provide holistic trauma-focused outpatient counseling for adolescents and adults to reduce mental health symptoms, improve relationships, and heal intergenerational trauma.


    Trauma-Focused: At Alpine Lakes Counseling Center we ask the question, “what happened to you?” Rather than, “what’s wrong with you?” This trauma-informed approach takes into account the neurobiological, physiological, psychological, and social impact on each individual. Therapists begin with a trauma-informed lens to provide trauma-focused care along with evidenced-based and holistic modalities tailored to each individual’s needs and goals.

    Holistic: Being trauma-focused requires a holistic approach, which is to treat the whole person: mind, body, and soul. Interventions used should reflect that change occurs on many levels, not just the mind. Thus, moving away from a traditional talk-therapy model. In addition, incorporating spirituality if desired by a client to support development of inner peace, purpose, meaning, etc.

    Integrity: At Alpine Lakes Counseling Center we believe integrity means to be authentic to who you are and true to your word. We value being integral to our mission, vision, and purpose.

    Alpine Lakes Counseling Center encourages staff to identify, and have the courage to be integral to their personal and professional truth along with the vision, mission, and values of Alpine Lakes Counseling Center.

    Dignity: At Alpine Lakes Counseling Center we believe in the worth of every individual client and staff members that enter our space. We believe everyone should be valued and treated with respect regardless of identity, gender, race, religion, background, etc. Thus, we approach every situation with every individual by meeting them where they are at.

    Caring: We chose the field of counseling because we care. We value caring for each client and for the community by offering holistic trauma-focused treatment. We practice this value by caring for everyone with kindness, compassion, and empathy. We practice this by provided excellent customer service.

    Community: Alpine Lakes Counseling Center believes that improving the mental-health and wellbeing of the individual has a ripple effect to improving the welfare and safety of the community. Alpine Lakes Counseling Center aims to be a meaningful resource for each community we serve.

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